The Journey Begins.

Here goes nothing!!!

On October 25, 2017 at 8:14am, I got on the plane to start my 6 month journey teaching in Thailand. While nervous and excited at the same time, I couldn’t believe the day had finally come. There I was, at Raleigh-Durham International Airport headed to JFK to board the longest flight ever which was 12hours to reach my first stop in Doha, Qatar. After leaving Doha, my next flight was 7 hours to Bangkok, Thailand, where I would be meeting other individuals for orientation. My flight itinerary included a total of 19 hours on the plane. The flight ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be and actually went by pretty quick. I slept, ate, slept, ate again and watched a movie, just one, Eat.Pray.Love., you know the typical movie that inspires everyone to travel alone. However, that movie had nothing to do with my trip to Thailand.

Who is Jameya?

A little background about myself. Prior to coming to Thailand, I was a teacher at Lucas Middle School in Durham, North Carolina for the past 3 years. My first three years of teaching were amazing, mostly because I LOVED and still LOVE my students in Durham. The day I began my teaching career was a day I will never forget because at that moment I knew I was walking into my calling. Since then I have enjoyed teaching in various capacities and experienced teaching in Madrid, Spain the summer of 2016.

In Durham, I am the daughter to my wonderful parents and the oldest amongst my siblings. Two, which attended the middle school where I was teaching. I have a wonderful family, a loving boyfriend, and a supportive group of friends.

How I got to Thailand? Why Thailand?

Many people have asked me why I decided to come to Thailand of all places and how did I plan my travels. For starters, I am a planner on a daily basis and literally tried to plan out my entire life. In Fall 2016, I decided I wanted to get one last hoorah at traveling before I settled down and prepare to live a stable lifestyle. I picked Thailand because I had never been to Asia, the length of teaching contract options vary, and well it just worked out. I will have an upcoming blog on the agency I used, as well as the pros and cons to working through an agency. So stay tuned!

**I didn’t get many pictures in the airports, I probably had 30 minutes to get from one terminal to other, which feels more like 2 minutes when you are in a huge airport.**


Above Picture: One of my many meals while flying with Qatar Airways…breakfast.


Caption (picture above): Halfway there…Layover in Doha, Qatar. Note: If traveling and decide you want to add the AT&T passport package, it does NOT work in Qatar. My representative failed to mention this detail to me, so for my one hour overlay, my cellphone charges were about $200!! 


Thanks for reading!

Until the next blog…, love and teach to inspire!



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